Anastatsia Lokkien
Credits: Nikon






Owner and Foreman
The Wrecking Crew Inc.

Anastatsia Lokkien is the owner and foreman of The Wrecking Crew inc. A highly unique company specializing in the quick construction and demolition of buildings, sets and major developments with the use of heavy equipment and their own powerful bodies. In a world where humans co-exist with dragons, demons and otherkin, Anastatsia often has trouble adjusting to the city that is made for smaller people from her original home and upbringing.


Anastatsia was born in America from her parents who were Norwegian-born from a brood of dragons who highly emphasize three principal qualities: Honor, Strength and Duty. Growing up she took that to heart and into her teen years, Anastatsia was already monstrously huge like her parents in terms of muscle mass, a quality that has been passed down for generations in her family bloodline. But this proved to be a serious problem when the world can't just handle a woman of Ana's mass. Which often led to her bouts of depression and often at times serious body form issues. One day she found her usefulness working as a carrier for a building supplies depot sending materials to a local work site when a powerful earthquake threaten to send a seven story building straight down but four didn't have time to escape.

Anastatsia rushed in with full force and crashed through the walls and steel beams of the building and rescued the three workers but the building collapsed on top of them. However through the rubble Ana managed to break through the tons of rubble to safely get the workers out. She found her self-respect and this event gave her and idea to become a one-woman wrecking crew. Earning tons of money just to have her smash stuff better than what machines or explosives can do, Ana uses the money and started her own business: The Wrecking Crew; though it was only one person at the time. Later she found help in a young canid, Robert who helped with planning strategic sites in going through buildings, logistics in materials all the way to balancing the books on each job the company takes. Newer talent came in with Erica Asten for basic construction and welding, Scienna for formations, Leighton for underwater work and Dani exclusively for demolitions.

The company soon became interdependent under the contract of Twin Studios for "eliminating" projects that are no longer needed and most often than not both Ana and Dani are too happy to oblige. Today, she still runs as foreman and owner of a company of 200 dedicated workers a fourth of which are like her who love to put their massive bodies to good use other than looking good in front of the "littles".