Section Zero is a special section of Interrealm that deals with ultra-clandestine missions and events that the general public and other groups don't know or should not know about. They work as ghosts within the organization while working within the Prime Universe and other parallel words doing missions that involve assassinations, dirty trick tactics and other questionably legal acts. Only a few people have ever known about the agency's existence during the creation of the organization and it is kept hidden after Interrealm's transition into a international organization.

Reason for Creation

This was supposed to be the first and last remnant of the original covert interrealm before its exposure during the Great Casid Exodus that the agency and the government is behind on leaving them open to scrutiny and reformation because its need of service throughout the universe. But a few senators and interrealm operatives do not completely trust the resources of what is basically their creation made to protect themselves against beings from other dimensions. So they created this clandestine activity group in order to carry out their original purpose and then some.


Currently there are known to be forty-seven operatives working for this quasi-lateral entity and a large part comes from Solterra and Neocasiida while the rest came from other worlds outside of the Prime Universe. There are some strict qualifications in order to become an operative in Section Zero.

  • Must have endured Realmguard-level training
  • Have achieved ten or more sanctioned kills and/or assassinations. Different than the three need
  • Must show above-exceptional skills

That is just a short list of what you need to be in order to get in. Other qualifications can range from little to no connections or ties with friends and family and/or the willingness to sever ties for safety reasons.


There have been many theories of where the actual location of Section Zero's activities lay but to little avail. Many operatives work within Solterran and foreign offices across the multiverse ready to be active when the time is needed. Many sources do say that a large number do operate outside the central headquarters of Interrealm at Brookmont. Said information was gathered from the Martian Union's own department of defense but have been unconfirmed at this time.