Xenny Diemes
Credits: Whitefox89

Real Name

Xeneera Diemes-Redge


Founder and President
TwinStudios Group
(Studio Universe)
Pen name persona - Writer
(Real Life)

Family Members

Ryslan Diemes (Grandfather: Disowned)
Valkyrie Diemes (Grandmother)
Lillehammer Diemes(Mother)
Maarten Redge (Father)
Herabelle Diemes (Aunt)
Brotchald Diemes (Uncle)
Anten Diemes (Uncle)

Xenny Diemes is a character of many areas serving as writer, creator of the many characters that make this site and other media and in the Studio Universe, the founder and president of TwinStudios (aka TwinStudios Group) and a ex-member of the Diemes clan.


Xenny, born Xeneera Diemes-Redge was born to parents Lillehammer Diemes and Maarten Redge. Growing up, he had a strange affinity for creating incredible works and developed an often odd fashion sense.

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